Let us know how e-Kalaiva is better than Google Classroom by comparing some of its features.

Featuresgoogle classroome-Kalaiva
Initial setupClass Setup has to be done by SchoolThe full class setup will be done by e-Kalaiva Team
Lesson PlanNeed to Create through ClassworkStructured and customized lesson plan
Time TableThe time table is not AvailableCustomized Timetable
BrandingGoogle will own the brandThe school will own the brand
Bulk ImportNot AvailableAvailable for students, teachers, and timetable
DashboardBasic. Listing out the enrolled classes.Advanced. Listing out today’s timetable, Enrolled Classes, circulars, and Assignment Overview.
Parent ViewParents can only get an email summaryParent dashboard available to track student performance
AssignmentAssignments can only be submitted by File/Google Drive/Youtube/LinkAll types of files accepted. It can be customized by file type and file size.
AttendanceNo. Done through assignment using Google formWe can create, modify, and view attendance for monthly/weekly/daily.
GradingAvailable for attendance and assignmentGrading available for attendance and assignment. Performance badges are available to boost kids.
Additional FeaturesNot Available• Illustrational Quiz Analytics Report
• Gamification Exams
CustomizationNot AvailableCustomizing or adding additional features will be done as per the school request.
Technical SupportThere is no personal support24/7 Personal support
Google DriveWithout Google drive, Classroom cannot be usedGoogle drive is optional here.
Data SecurityData will be stored in Google driveSecurely stored in their own database.