Costless Service for Visually Challenged Kids and Schools

RedMind believes in Corporate Social Responsibility. The purpose of life is to contribute in some way to add values in other lives. As a part of community service, we are so happy to present a 24 * 7 voice based chatbot – Digital Mentor, to make the learning easy for the Visually challenged school kids.

What is a Digital Mentor?

Digital Mentor – Interactive Friend/Mentor for your child who will be with them all the time.

  • 24*7 Digital Learning
  • Interactive sessions
  • Live classes with lesson description all the time
  • Self Evaluation with Quiz in specific topic
  • Supported by Google Assistant & Websites

Two children are already enjoying and learning with their friend Digital Mentor!! Please Click Here to Know more about Digital Mentor.Please Contact us to give us an opportunity to make your child’s learning colorful.